Globalimpex has been established in 2008 as an independent dynamic consulting company. Our experience works in line with professional skills and drive in order to provide customized advises and services to our clients.

We help executive managers and shareholders anticipate changes in priorities and then re-design their businesses, improve their risk profile, accelerate strategic decisions and overal performance to seize the most attractive opportunities.

When considering a new acquisition, business expansion or new investment, our careful, individual and disciplined approach will always ensure that every opportunity is properly valued. This includes a full assessment of the risks and ways in which these risks can be mitigated and proposals for appropriate solutions.

We provide advisory services either as a standalone advisor or as a lead consultant in cooperation with another esteemed business or legal advisors.

Marek Gallo

project manager

Working for KERAMETAL, SARIO (Slovak investment and trade development agency) and SKYTEC Group SA (Swiss based investment group) he gained experience as a project manager in the field of investment projects management, international trade and M&A deals.

As an executive board member of the UMC (acquired by SHARP) he was responsible for corporate activities, real estate development, was actively involved in securing operating / investment capital and overseeing international branches.

Since 2008 Marek has been providing consulting services to domestic and international clients specializing in business transactions, strategic consulting and corporate finance.

Graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava and combines more than 15 years of experience on a strategic and operational level.

Marek speaks fluent Slovak, Czech, English and Russian

“Nobody is as smart as all of us together”

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